Are you looking for a living space and would you like to qualify for one of the properties we offer for rent? That is possible! This is how we work:

  1. Sign up via the registration form, this is completely free of costs;
  2. Check our website and Facebook page regularly;
  3. Phone our office to sign up for a viewing for one or multiple living spaces;
  4. Hope that you will be chosen;
  5. Ask friends or relatives to help you move in to your new living space.

In detail:

  • Enter your information through the form, so we know who you are, what you do and what kind of living space you are looking for. Your information will be treated confidentially. Once a living space is available, we will place it online. The first 6 people who sign up can visit the living space under the guidance of someone from our office or the landlord.
  • Confirm your appointment on the day of the viewing between 10AM and 11AM by telephone (024 – 7370289), so that we know that you are present at the viewing. If you do not do this, your place will expire.
  • If you want to rent the living space, please let us know after the viewing or let us know by e-mail before 10.00AM the next morning.
  • Does the landlord choose you as a new tenant? Then we will inform you the day after the viewing before 12.30PM. Do we not contact you? Then unfortunately  you have not been chosen.
  • Have you not been chosen? Then sign up for new viewings, maybe you’ll be more lucky next time.
  • If you have been chosen, we will phone you before 12.30PM to let you know. After that you will receive a confirmation email. As the word says, you need to confirm that you are going to rent the living space.
  • Furthermore, we will send you the rental agreement by e-mail so you can read it through.
  • The rental agreement will be signed at the office. Of course we will explain the agreement to you and if you have any questions, we will answer them.
  • After signing the contract, you must pay the first month of rent and also the deposit at our office. (by bank card or cash).
    After signing the lease agreement, you pay, once only, € 39.95 (including 21% VAT) to KBS Real Estate Management B.V. for the service mentioned in the rental confirmation.
  • We ensure that your accommodation is accessible/ready on the first day of rent and that the accommodation has been inspected.
  • All the best with moving and we wish you lots of living pleasure. If you have any questions, feel free to come by at our office.

What else you need to know

  •  We are not a rental broker and therefore do not mediate. We will guide you with the viewings and also after you have signed the rental agreement we will help you if you have any questions or requests. 
  • If you rent a living space via us, we ask you to sign our Terms and Conditions. These are our “house rules” and they are there to prevent misunderstandings. You can read the Terms and Conditions here.
  • The deposit is 1 month’s rent, unless we indicate otherwise on the website and at the viewing.
  • Are you satisfied with our offer and / or our method? Let us know via Facebook so we can help even more students and starters.